About Us

Michael and Ben are two Restaurateur with a 20 years’ experience in the Hospitality industry.

They met in the summer of 2000 and have been working shoulder to shoulder for more than twenty years in Italy and United Kingdom. Michael and Ben have gone from running an independent restaurant in Italy to working in 5-star hotels and then, for UK and Worldwide leading chain of Restaurants.

The Capri Experience

Capri Restaurant was born with the intent to combine attentive service and delightful cuisine, using fresh ingredients prepared with care and passion every day. With this new pathway, Michael and Ben aim to bring together their experience and knowledge of the Italian cuisine for their Diners.

The idea is to bring a piece of Italy to London and Capri wants to delight Diners with the authentic flavours of the Italian Cuisine.

Michael and Ben

Our food experience goes from a wide selection of pasta, to the most known fresh meats and fishes of the day sourced with care, prepared and cooked by Antonio the Head Chef.

What about our guests?

You will be welcomed by the infectious smile of Maria Laura, our Restaurant Manager, who takes great care of our guests from the point of the booking to their time at the table.

Capri is the greatest expression of Our love and dedication for what we do, as we believe that what we do here is not only our job but Our passion.

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